milcu sports sample

Milcu Sports Deodorant Sample

Time to score a FREE sample of Milcu Sports Deodorant!

Nothing like these try before you buy offers – especially when it comes to products like this..

Milcu Sports sample

When you get to their page just click on the try a free sample link! Fill out the form and then play the waiting game..LOL
You should get this sample in a few weeks.




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john frieda sample

John Frieda Free Sample

Look what is going on NOW!

Fill out the survey for a GREAT freebie from John Frieda – a lot of people say they are only getting coupons BUT if you answer strongly agree to the questions you will be more likely to get a FREE sample!

John Frieda sample

Click the link  above and fill out the form! Nothing to it – it only takes about a minute of your time. Then when you get your surprise sample come back and let us know what you got and how much you like it!



ruffies trash bags sample

Free Ruffies Pure Flex Trash Bags

Grab your FREE sample of RuffiesPure Flex Trash Bag today before the mass wave hits and wipes them out…LOL!!

Ruffies Trash Bag sample

Click the link above and “LIKE” the page to grab this freebie.

After liking them you will able to fill in your information as to where you want this sample to go -


-Ninja style!

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Free Sensodyne Sample

by the Ninja

sensodyne toothpaste sample

Free Sensodyne Sample

WOO HOO! Time to grab your Free sample of Sensodyne toothpaste…

This is some great stuff – we have used it for years and love it, so a sample and maybe a coupon is a blessing!

Sensodyne toothpaste sample

You will have to give your Rite Aid Wellness card number – for those who don’t have one you can grab a FREE card at your local Rite Aid!

Enjoy your sample, come back and tell us how you like it!




Waffle House couponWaffle House Coupon for FREE Oatmeal

Look what the Ninja has!

Free Oatmeal at the Waffle House – Just a bowl of oatmeal – the extra stuff is extra but hey it is a start…LOL

Free Oatmeal coupon

This coupon expires on March the 2nd Limit one per person and cannot be used with any other coupon… So don’t take two of these in there and try to use them at the same time – probably won’t work.

Enjoy the coupon and have fun with your oatmeal!



Max and Max Earplugs

by the Ninja

max earplugs sampleMax and Max Earplugs

The Ninja found a cool freebie for ya!  Does someone in your house snore so loud you wonder if that is where the cracks in the roof came from?

Well even of that isn’t the reason ..LOL it is sample time!

FREE Max Earplugs

Just click the link and fill in your information. You might have to get a little creative or maybe not..

You should get these in a few weeks.!

Have fun with them… I would walk around the house with them in my ears acting like I heard everything everyone said for a couple of days just to see how it would turn out. Wouldn’t that be a blast!

do it like a Ninja!