Arby’s T-Shirt Sweepstakes 2012

by the Ninja

arbrys sweepstakes Arby’s T-Shirt Sweepstakes 2012

Alright! So now that Arby’s Facebook page has reached a million fans they are giving away T-shirts!

BUT there are only so many shirts, so you have to see who the lucky ones will be – and if you don’t sign up it won’t be you! So click the link below and “LIKE” the page and if you already have then sign up for the XL Cool T shirt give away!

Arby’s T-Shirt Sweepstakes

Ok, I just signed up for mine and like the great Ninja said you can’t win it if your are not in it!!!

Have fun and if you have any questions for concerns just drop me a line and I will get back with you!


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