Borghese Serum Samples – Costco Members 2012

by the Ninja

serum sample

Borghese Serum Samples – Costco Members 2012

We have a couple of GREAT sample for you today! You have to be a Costco member to snag these though… Yes I know I doesn’t make a bit of sense but this Ninja doesn’t make the rules…

YOu will get a sample of eye serum and a sample of face serum – SWEET! You don’t see that very often – 2 in 1 – !!

Serum samples

Just click the link above and when you get to the page scroll down and you will find the get a sample box to click.. After that it is all gravy. Fill out the form and then you get to wait a few weeks and the mail man should bring a nice little package to your doorstep.

Enjoy your AWESOME samples!



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jo ser

How do I become a Costco Members ??


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