Caffeine Made Me Do It Sticker 2012

by the Ninja

free sticker

Caffeine Made Me Do It Sticker 2012

This one is so funny I just had to order it before I even posted about it..,. Ok, gals and guys YEP the Caffeine made me do it.. than is the Ninja’s new motto….

SO to score you FREE Sticker and there look more like a bumper sticker than a little one… Click the link below…

Free Caffeine sticker

This is a Facebook promotion, so you will have to “LIKE” the page first and then fill out the nice little form they have on the page … It is simple and if I can do it – you can too!  Then we all get to play the waiting game.. But hey that is fine to right?

We should get our cool caffeine stickers in the mail in a few weeks!

Enjoy yours!


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