Clairvoyant Beauty Fragrance Sample 2012

by the Ninja

fragrance sample Clairvoyant Beauty Fragrance Sample 2012

We have another GREAT fragrance sample for you today!

The Ninja just loves these… you can try before you buy and before you know it you have a ton of these samples and never have to wear the same one twice!

Clairvoyant sample

Ok, now this one is a little different. When you click the link and get to the page.. Scroll down to almost the bottom – look right above the pictures of the perfumes and you will see where they say to e-mail them to get your sample. Click on their e-mail address and then it will open up for you to do so. Tell them you would really like to try a sample of their fragrance.

Simple as that… You should get your sample in the mail in a few weeks..

Enjoy – like a NINJA!

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