free meal

Free Meal at IHOP – 2012

Join the revolution and you will get an email in our inbox for a  FREE meal at IHOP! What is better than that …..besides the coupons and promotions you will get the rest of the year!

Sounds like a win win to the NInja  – so I’m signing up!

Pancake Revolution

Just click the link above and fill out the form.. make sure you email address is correct or you won’t get the coupons for the free meal! Give them at least 24 hours to get your FREE MEAL  coupon to you. It usually comes sooner though..

Enjoy! – Like a Ninja…


panda coupon

Free Orange Chicken at Panda Express 2012

Alright my FREEBIE friends! This is a one time thing and it is happening tonight at 9PM… So get out the door and head over to your local Panda Express and score a FREE single serving of Orange Chicken!

BUT First – you have to print this coupon….

Panda Express coupon

Just click the link above and print your coupon! make sure not to forget it… Take it with you for your FREE serving of some delicious orange chicken!

The coupon expires at store closing tonight!




free grill brushFree Grill Brush at Valu Home Centers 2012

Grab your FREE Grill Brush at Valu Home Centers with this AWESOME printable coupon!

You don’t see these laying around too often so grab yours today  and get your GRILL on!

Grill Brush coupon

Click the link above and print your coupon!

Then I would suffest going to your local Valu Home Centers and getting your FREE Grill Brush!

This coupon expires on 06/02/2012.




skinny cow samplesSkinny Cow Samples & Coupons 2012

Now is a GREAT chance to join the Skinny Cow Club!

When you join you automatically get the first dibs on all the latest things!

  • Free SKINNY COW samples
  • Exclusive coupons
  • Sneak peeks at the newest SKINNY COW snacks

Skinny Cow samples

When you get to the page all you have to do is register. Make sure everything is correct so they don’t send your stuff to the wrong place.. Hate to see your neighbor getting your FREE stuff…. LOL

Enjoy and have FUN with the FREEBIES!



free sandwichFree Krystal Chicken Ranch Sandwich with Coupon 2012

Oh my!  Oh yum! Lookie what the Ninja has for you today!

Get a FREE Krystal Ranch Chicken sandwich with the coupon below!

Free Chik sandwich

This is a BRICKS coupon and that means you can print it two times!! AWESOME.. Just come back and click the link again to get the second print!

Have fun eating your FREE sandwich!



free pantyFree Victoria’s Secret Panty w/any Purchase 2012


OK, so this isn’t 100% freebie but it is a GREAT deal! So the Ninja just had to share it with you!

On April 28th – ONE DAY ONLY~~! With the coupon below you can go in any Victoria’s Secret store and buy anything and score a FREE pair of Angel panties…. While supplies last so you know these are going to go fast. Click the link below to print your coupon!

Victoria Secret’s Free Panty coupon

You can also order something online – look in the clearance section for something on the cheap and use this code to get your FREE panty! Code: PANTY at checkout Victoria’s

Remember this is ONLY for April the 28th – so don’t try to use the coupon  or code now – wait for the date!! ~LOL~