Food & Wine Magazine Subscription 2012

by the Ninja

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Food & Wine Magazine Subscription 2012

Oh yea! Now is the time to stop what ever you are doing and click the link below and get your FREE year of FOOD & WINE magazine!….. plus you get their daily e-letter…NICE!

This is a nice magazine with all the toppings so to say – NEWS STAND price of $10+

So if you want to give this as a gift to keep it for yourself (what a GREAT idea) get busy because this oppertunity will not last long at all.

Food & Wine magazine

When you get to the page to answer the questions – make sure you let these people know you work… that is a must.. I know I sound LIKE A BROKEN RECORD but I want you to get this!

There are only so many people that will get this so HURRY and score yours today!

I am working on getting mine right now!



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