Free Bottle of Bath & Body Works Lotion – 2011

by the Ninja

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Free Bottle of Bath & Body Works Lotion – 2011

Ok, so GUYS ummm since you probably were trying to figure out what to get to put in her stocking anyway… now is a chance to grab something on the sly…so to say..LOL sounds cool huh..

I have a GREAT coupon¬†for a FREE 2oz bottle of Bath & Body works lotion…Perfect for the purse or to keep in the desk, or car, or to have it because you know she should anyway…

Free Bath & Body Lotion coupon

Make sure you hurry, because this one expires on December the 4th.. Now you know you gotta print out the coupon before you go right? Good I was just making sure…

While you are there check out the sales and be on the look out and for some great deals and hey – if you are looking for something or some coupons to a place like that just let me know.. I can help you out!


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