Free Bottle Of Nivea For Men Sensitive Gel Moisturizer or Energy After Shave

by the Ninja

nivea sweeps Free Bottle Of Nivea Sensitive Gel Moisturizer or Energy After Shave

NIVEA is rocking a great product giveaway on their NIVEA for Men Facebook page for a week so everyone can see what their new products are all about.

AND guess WHAT!! Click the link below and you could win one of the two products above and get a coupon!

Nivea for Men

They will be giving away soo many bottles a day until February the 20th, 2012 at different times during the day and if you check the page there will be clues as to when they will be dropping the ball full of giveaways!

If you don’t get a freebie you will get a GREAT coupon which is really cool anyway either way…

The Ninja says have fun and don’t let one day get you down – go back tomorrow!~



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