Free Brake Inspection & Tire Rotation At Pep Boys – 2011

by the Ninja

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Free Brake Inspection & Tire Rotation At Pep Boys – 2011

Do you need maintenance – oh I don’t mean you, well unless you do and want to share it with us here at Freebies Ninja…That could be very interesting.. Then again might not be a great idea… 🙂

If you are anywhere close to a PEP BOYS I suggest to print this coupon and take your car, truck, bike, tricycle – whatever you might be driving at the moment and go see them. They are offering a FREE Brake inspection and Tire rotation for FREE. Yes FREE. No strings attached. That means you do not have to buy anything unless you let them talk you into it, that is why you must have the strong mind, like a Ninja.

Pep Boys Free Brake & Tire coupon

This coupon shall destruct on the day of December 31, 2011. So you know that means get up off the couch and off the computer pull the paper out of the printer and cut the coupon out unless you feel like giving them the whole page… That is cool too – I guess…

Enjoy knowing your car is being taken care of and make sure to get the bobble head thing to place on your dash so they can tell you when you need something else done or not. The commercial shows that how that works so you know it is true – you know we have to believe everything we see on t.v. because that is what makes this world go round.

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