Free Brew Over Ice Tumbler – Facebook 2012

by the Ninja

free tumbler Free Brew Over Ice Tumbler – Facebook 2012

Oh this is a GOODIE!  You have to answer a couple of questions first to snag this AWESOME FREEBIE though!

What you will be getting is a FREE Tumbler for your Keurig Brewer! SO – Click the link below and head over to Facebook and “LIKE” the page first – then when they ask you if you own a Keurig Brewer answer “YES” and then they will ask if you have a tumbler you will answer “NO.”. Make sure you only hit the buttons one time!

Free tumbler

Then you get to fill out a form so they will know where to send your cool NEW tumbler! 

If might take a few minutes but hey – what else are you doing anyway? You are on here looking for FREEBIES!  You should get your FREE tumbler in a few weeks!



freebies email

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