Free Can of Pro Plan Cat Food – 2011

by the Ninja

free cat food Free Can of Pro Plan Cat Food – 2011

Do you have cats – or maybe a dog that tends to eat the cat’s food? Yes you can say it doesn’t happen but we all know that dogs like cat food and cats like dog food.

Anyway, I know you really don’t want to listening to everything I have to say.. so I won’t keep going on and on.. OR I just might to keep you in suspense..LOL NOPE I am so not in the mood to do so… But remember I still send out all my Ninja love to each and every one of ya!

Free cat food

Alright, now keep up with me here, when you click on the link above, you are going to zoom into FACEBOOK world again…and to keep you from getting confused I am walking with you through everything.

First, you will see a big picture og a DOG, don’t ask me why. Yes I am sure they are giving away cat food. Second “LIKE” them if you have not already. If a page to fill out does not pop up for you, look over to the left and click on the tab that says “GET YOUR FREE CAN.” After all of that hard work, fill in your information and you can expect a can in a couple of weeks.. Sometimes they actually send a can and then sometimes they send a coupon for a FREE can..


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