Free Carefree Liner – 2011

by the Ninja

carefree samples
Free Carefree Liner – 2011

Found a great place to get a Carefree liner and a coupon! WE all need them from time to time – well all of us that DO need them…~LOL~ and “THOSE” of us that don’t need them can just go ahead and order a sample and coupon anyway and give it to someone who can use it!

Enough said.

Carfree Free samples

Now, I just found this sample and coupon, but let us be honest with ourselves… You know when you click the link above if you have already asked for this or not. So if you have and they tell you shame on you for asking again – then just put it in someone elses name and address or stop trying to get extra. Don’t go and try to push it off on this Ninja  – because I didn’t know you already signed up for it.

Enjoy your samples!

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