Free Cookie from Quiznos on Valentines Day 2012

by the Ninja

free cookies Free Cookie from Quiznos on Valentines Day 2012

How about something sweet for your sweetheart? Or for you? If you wanted to….you could send it to me but by the time it got here it probably would not be so good.. but at least you thought about it right?

So the only day you can get this FREE cookie is on Valentines day. (Tues. the 14th in case you don’t have a calendar….which there would be no excuse since we have had about a 1,000 free ones)

Quiznos FREE Cookie coupons

Remember to click the link above and PRINT the coupon to take with you. If you don’t have a coupon then you won’t be getting a FREE cookie unless you have other ways and I don’t want to know..

Enjoy your cookie and eat a chocolate one for the Ninja!

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