Free Friends Of Coal Sticker – 2011

by the Ninja

free sticker Free Friends Of Coal Sticker – 2011

When I first saw this , YES i was seriously confused. On the webpage I see a racecar and fans with other people wearing friends of coal t-shirts… So I am thinking maybe this is some sort of racing thing? but I DO NOT watch NASCAR and so this Ninja really wouldn’t know. With all the hotwheels in the kitchen here it looks like NASCAR… (NO OFFENSE)

FREE Friends of Coal Sticker

Then I hit me it probably has nothing to do with racing at all…So I am really thinking they are talking about the real coal.. like the stuff Santa Claus will be putting in some of these BAD A(PRWord) childrens stockings this year.. So that must be what it is all about. Well click the link and fill in your information to get your sticker, give to you kids and they will love you for it. Or put it somewhere to remind you about all the people that risk their lives so we can have the stuff….

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