Free Hip Dysplasia Awareness Wristbands – 2011

by the Ninja

Free Wrist Band

Free Hip Dysplasia Awareness Wristbands – 2011

So who remembers when all these wrist bands came out? EVERYONE wore them.. Yes I did too… still do sometimes just for heck of it (public relations committee again, say heck not he**) I think my daughter has at least 50 of these from everything to eat tomatoes to peace , love and go green.

Today we have a great one JUST for you! it actually says HEALTHY HIPS 4 LIFE – but this was the best picture I could find so get over it… I am sure you get the picture..

Free Wrist Band

Just click the link above and it takes you off into cyber space for just a second or two. You will land on a wonder page sponsored by some cool folks. ~~ Fill in your information and where it asks you “CONTACT REASON”  choose awareness bands, and then “HOW DID YOU FIND US” choose a friend. Simple and easy.

 This is totally free – no stings attached!


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