Free Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet – 2011

by the Ninja

Coupon booklet Free Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet – 2011

Do you like to save money? Yes, this Ninja is aware of this being a Freebie site but let’s throw in some AWESOME coupons to go a long with the free things we (yes I say we because I do it too, can you believe that?) we order!!

Well today your favorite Ninja has found you the perfect coupon booklet for the favorite items you tend to always buy anyway… 🙂

Free coupon booklet

There are so many coupons in this book that you can match with a sale to buy your household items for pennies on the dollar. Click the link above – I know it is hard work but sometimes we have to do those sort of things. You have to login in or register with P&G in order to receive this booklet and GUESS what! You can order the latest one every other month or so! Wooo Hoooo check back often for updates!

These usually show up in the mail 2-3 weeks after you fill in the information… Oh the things we have to do to in order to get the things we want…~~LOL~~

Enjoy and come back and brag about how much money you saved – but remember to use the coupons for ! 😉

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