Free I Love Vegetable Gardening Bumper Sticker 2012

by the Ninja

free bumper sticker
Free I Love Vegetable Gardening Bumper Sticker 2012

YEP. This is so Ninja certified. I have never seen one of these before now. This reminds me of my grandmother’s garden….

So if you want this cool bumper sticker you gotta click the link below..Even if you don’t put it on your car it would be cool to keep in a collection or something..or maybe the kids would like it..

Vegetable garden bumper sticker

Just click the link and fill in the blanks. First come first serve they say so get yours before they run out. I just ordered mine! Might put it in the hallway with the fruit thingys on the wall…just kidding..LOL

Have fun!

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Mike the Gardener

Thank you for posting our bumper sticker offer!


the Ninja

You are welcome… that’s how I roll.
The Ninja


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