FREE Kindle Books!!!

by the Ninja

Lose Weight Kindle Edition FREE Kindle Books!!!

The Ninja has found some sweet deals for you…. need a little help keeping the New Year’s Resolution??? Well how about this Lose weight (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)… It’s a FREE Kindle Edition. This book will give you little secrets and tips to help you shed that unwanted weight…

Or if weight loss is not your idea of fun…. how about

Gooseberry Patch Hot Cocoa CookbookThis awesome cookbook, the  Gooseberry Patch Hot Cocoa Cookbook it is also a FREE Kindle Edition book.

So there you have it… The Ninja thinks of everyone…. those who want 6 pack abs and those who’d rather just drink the six pack!

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Frances Barker

To the people who wright this untruth or as other people say
liar and they write this bull s*%# well i know they do not
give any thing on the internet i have been told on the
internet congradulations “you have been picked as the one in your area for a free $1000. walmart gift card” or you just won
a brand new T.V. so you tell me is it true ??????


the Ninja

Hi Frances,
Yes, those things that pop up on your computer that tell you “you have won”… these are crap. They are just putting spam on your computer. Don’t even click on them.
However, EVERYTHING I put on this site has been tested by myself and is true. So in this instance, yes there are tons of FREE Kindle books.
I will always tell you what you have to do to get the freebies we post about, if you aren’t willing to do those things, it is certainly your right.
Best Wishes,
The Ninja


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