Free Let’s Go Flying Decals 2012

by the Ninja

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Free Let’s Go Flying Decals 2012

DO you like to fly? Have you ever flown your by yourself as in your own plane? Well we have the folks with the inspiration right here to try to get you to learn how!

They have a nice site, wonderful information about anything you want to know about how to fly… PLUS you get FREE Decals (stickers) ~LOL~

Free Stickers about Flying

When you get to the page all you need to do is take the time and READ it! Then choose your copy of Let’s go Flying and then check the box for the FREE DECALS (like the ones in the pictures in the top left on this page). After that all you have to do is fill in the blanks and they will send you your stuff!

Enjoy and by the way this is Ninja approved!!

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