Free Mailing Address Labels 2012

by the Ninja

free labels Free Mailing Address Labels 2012

Need Labels? I am always looking for a label to slap on an envelope instead of writing … I think they are really cool and add a little spunk to the cover.

Today we have found an organization – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – who are giving away FREE address labels. To get in on this one click the link below..

Free Address Labels

When you get to the page just follow the instructions and fill out your information! When you receive your new addy labels in a few weeks you will see a donation envelope in there – it is up to you but they are working on raising money for a great cause even if it is only a buck or two…

The opinion above is mine only  and if you have been with the Ninja from the start you know all about the opinion thing  and the 101 classes…

Enjoy your address labels!

freebies email

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