Free One A Day Vitamins w/Coupons – 2011

by the Ninja

One a day coupon Free One A Day Vitamins w/Coupons – 2011

Ok, are you taking your vitamins? Yes I am talking to all the men and women. Just because you see a picture of a box of “womens vitamins” up there DOES NOT MEAN i am only talking to the girls.

With that said, click the link below for a $2.00 off coupon for ANY One A Day Vitamin product.

One A Day coupon

Ok, now the GET THEM FREE part. Target and maybe Wal-Mart have these in the 10 count for $1.99 and the coupon has no size restrictions.. COOL. Usually over in the travel sections….

Print this coupon twice and get two for FREE!

Savings are GREAT but FREE is BETTER!



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