Free Purple Bow Sticker for Car – 2011

by the Ninja

bow sticker samples Free Purple Bow Sticker for Car – 2011

A great sticker for your car! It does NOT look like the one pictured – when you click the link below you will see the real one.. I could not find a picture of the real one that was big enough to see and I know if I would have put a  picture of a  little bitty one up here someone would have complained. So now you just get to guess what it really looks like until you order it!

The purple bow – it stands for Overdose Protection – Drug Free – Script Overdose Awareness – Something we all need to pay more attention to. Especially with our older loved ones and our younger generation that think they have no other place to go…

Free Purple Sticker

Click the link above for yours! One is free, if you want more than one you will have to pay for extras. So do as you will. I would order one and put it somewhere other than my car… I just don’t put stickers on my car – my son does though – been trying to get that d*mn sticker off for about a year now…

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