Free Sample of Dove Daily Moisture – 2011

by the Ninja

Daily Moisture samples Free Sample of Dove Daily Moisture – 2011

Whoo HOOO! Do that Ninja dance! Today we have a TOTALLY FREE sample of Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner!

These samples are coming from SAM’S club – YOU DO NOT need a membership to get this because when I filled out the form the membership thingy did NOT have a star beside it and I have a Ninja friend that works on Public Relations Committee that helps me keep my job and they told be I could tell you this – that when the star isn’t there that means you do not have to enter anything.

But that does not mean forget to enter the rest of everything else…. ok, ok, here is the link for the FREE stuff!

Free samples of Dove Daily Moisture

have fun with this one… You could get the phone book out – if they still make those and just start send people samples all over town. It would be like sending love instead of hate…. Send it to the people you know that really don’t like you anyway. Better to give than to receive right?

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