Free Sample of Emergen-C Kidz – 2011

by the Ninja

Emergen C samples Free Sample of Emergen-C Kidz – 2011

Oh the kids just love this – personally I won’t drink it… LOL My little man loves it for some reason though.. He thinks it makes him into superman and he can see into everyone’s brains and all those crazy things kids think…

Today you can get not one,not two, but 3 FREE samples all different flavors.. I think a coupon comes with this package also….

Free samples of Kidz Emergen-C

These comes pretty quickly, about 2 – 4 weeks maybe even sooner!

So get your samples and surprise the kids and tell them it is a new kind of Kool-Aid or something and that way they will think they are getting something great and really they are getting a bunch of vitamins and stuff like that. If they say it doesn’t taste like kool-aid  tell them it was the off brand.. Usually works…

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