Free Sample of Prilosec OTC from Costco 2012

by the Ninja

Prilosec samples Free Sample of Prilosec OTC from Costco 2012

Grab a FREE Sample today! This Prilosec sample comes from Costco – BUT you do NOT need to have a membership number to order this sample… COOL RIGHT!

Prilosec OTC samples

When you get to the page you will have to read a little bit about this if you like… but you will see a small white box that says get sample….

First let me go over a few things with you… If you really want this sample, use your brain. You do have to answer two questions in order to receive it.

You should receive this sample in about 4-6 weeks, the usual time… but most of the time they get to you a lot sooner if you answer the questions correctly…

Enjoy and I hope you heartburn goes away soon!


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