Free Samples from Sams with Membership Card Number – 2011

by the Ninja

Sam's free samples

Free Samples from Sams with Membership Card Number – 2011

WOW how things tend to change overnight… Let us call that Ninja power! Sam’s Club is now giving out samples of their in-store products. Nice to know they care so much… They just want to get us in the doors to buy in BULK…~~LOL~~

Today this Ninja has been on the prowl looking for different samples to keep all my lovable samplers happy – even the unlovable ones.. Ninja love is unconditional from time to time. 🙂

Only one sample WILL NOT require any membership number… … SO we will start off that one~!

FREE Huggies Dry & Snug Diapers

Click the ink above and it will take to another page and click on the box that says “get a sample.” Then a form will show up and fill it in..If you notice where it says membership number..**Note it DOES NOT have a star beside like all the other info boxes do so you do NOT need a membership ID for this sample**

Now for the samples that DO require membership numbers –

Dove Hair Care samples  (Shampoo & Condition samples)

Poise Pad samples (the names says it all)

Goodnites Underwear for Kids  ( kids nite time diapers)

So it is all about keeping us dry today…Oh and our hair clean too! Make sure to go ahead and sign up for what you can get. If you have a card get it all because you never know when someone is going to come over with a baby and forget to bring extra diapers… I can’t count the times that has happened here… The shampoo & conditioner if you don’t donate you can use when traveling or run out and forget to go by the store…IF I could only count the times….


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