Free Schiff Mega Red Sample 2012

by the Ninja

mega red sample Free Schiff Mega Red Sample 2012

Facebook is loving us! They just LOVE giving samples – or rather letting the people behind the scenes give out the samples!

Today we have a GREAT sample – Schiff Mega Red

Just click the link below and “LIKE” their page and you are on the way to a FREE sample pack from Schiff!

Schiff MEGA Red samples

After liking the page you must fill in the blanks for your sample. If you don’t use this then fill in the blanks for your mom, or dad, maybe your cousin Vinny or Leroy or some long-lost relative down the road you only see once a year.. Just get it! Donate it! Do something productive with these awesome samples!

I am the Ninja and I totally approve this sample!

This is a different sample than the one a while back if you are wondering but if you have any problems at all use a different email address.

freebies email

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