Free Spiru-Tein Shake Sample 2012

by the Ninja

skake Free Spiru-Tein Shake Sample 2012

Great free sample of a new supplement shake!  There are many flavors to choose from and this promotion will go fast!

They claim these will give you more energy and so on and so forth .. so grab yours now!

Shake sample

When you get to the page the form is simple to fill out.. You will need to use PROMO CODE:  g5646

 The choice to make on which shake you want is the hard part..

You should receive your sample in a few weeks.. Enjoy! Tell your friends where you are getting all your freebies from… Let them know about the NInja!

If you have any questions or comments – just let me know and I will get back to you!


freebies email

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Hello, they asked for a promotional code to request sample shake.
P.S. you do a great do with sharing the feebies! Thank You so much.


the Ninja

Hi and thank you very much! Here is the code you need to get your FREE sample g5646 .


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