Free Subscription To W Magazine 2012

by the Ninja

free magazine Free Subscription To W Magazine 2012

AWESOME magazine to get for FREE!

Well there is a little bitty bit of work you must do for it.. but if the Ninja can, so can you!

To snag this magazine all you need to do is fill out a small survey about mascara! SEE that isn’t so hard now is it?

SO little effort such a big prize!

Free W Magazine

It only takes a little bit and you get a whole year of an expensive magazine. When you finish with the survey and filling in the blanks on where to send your NEW W magazine they will tell you it will take 8 – 10 weeks. But it usually doesn’t take so long.

So enjoy because I know I will!

P.S. Get creative on the mascara survey! Have fun with it….


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