Free Window Cling from Conserving Now – 2012

by the Ninja

free window cling Free Window Cling from Conserving Now – 2012

Ever get to the store and forget to grab the reusable bags out of the trunk? Oh can I count the times…..NOPE too many.

This Ninja is all about using her own bags and saving and conserving and recycling and so on of things of that nature but I always FORGET my reusable bags!!

So today we have a great chance for you GRAB a couple of window clings for you to put in your car to remember your bags..

Free Window Clings

Click the link and fill in the blanks! Limit 2 per household.

Yes I did order mine – so get yours and we won’t forget to grab our bags anymore. Unless we forget to hang the window clings in the cars…~LOL~


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