Free Yummi Bears Samples 2012

by the Ninja

free samples
Free Yummi Bears Samples 2012

Time to get your yummi bear samples.. these are vitamins for the adults!

Cool huh? Sugar Free too – that is even better if you are having issues with sugar or are trying to cut back for health reasons.

Yummy Bears samples

You will need a code to get this samples and if you are really  nice to me  I will give it to you. ~LOL~ I love you guys, so here is the promo code needed for the yummi bears –

KKFREE (all in caps ) you must use this code or you will not receive your sample. So click the link and fill in the blanks.

You should get your sample in about 2 weeks or maybe sooner – two weeks sounds about right though, that is fast for samples. So have fun with your yummi bears.





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