Freebies – Nivea Lip Care Product Promotion!

by the Sensei

FREE Nivea Lip Care product

Freebies – Nivea Lip Care Product Promotion!

Nivea is giving away FREE Lip Care product again on Facebook with there “Moments of Touch Movement”. Yep, guess they want us to all get closer and do some smooching LOL. You have to do a little work for this one….but really only takes a second. It involves uploading a smoochy picture though! (can we say Google images anyone LOL…oh wait….I guess that is against the rules…shhhh)

Here’s the steps from Nivea to get your FREE Nivea lip care item (it comes via coupon in the mail)

1)    “Like” the NIVEA USA Facebook page:

2)    Enter the PDA Lip Giveaway on Facebook

a.    To enter, fans must upload a photo of themselves and a family member, friend or loved one in PDA form (i.e. hugs, kisses, holding hands, arm around the shoulder)

b.    Note that all images should not depict or contain images of artwork not created by the entrant. No individuals under the age of 18 should be in the photos submitted. No sexual or explicit images will be approved. No brands should be visible in images.

c.    Submit your photo!

3)    Fans will receive a confirmation email in approximately five days. After the confirmation email, fans should expect to receive a coupon for free NIVEA Lip Care in the mail in 8-10 weeks.

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