Left-Handers Club Calendar 2012

by the Ninja

free calendar Left-hander Club Calendar 2012

This is for all my left-handed freebie friends out there! Yep this Ninja is left-handed also – so you know she is signing up for this club.. You sign up for this club and you get all sorts of little surprises!

First you will get a free certificate and their unique “backwards” calendar! AWESOME HUH?

Left-Handers club

SO when you get to the page you will have to fill in your name and email.. they will send you a conformation email with all you need to do from there! If you do not get the e-mail just go back to the page and click on the link below the form.. Easy as that.

You be expecting you items in mail in a few weeks!

Enjoy my fellow left handers!


freebies email

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