Manage Your Pain Booklet 2012

by the Ninja

booklet Manage Your Pain Booklet 2012

Going through pain that you can’t keep under control? Well thisd FREE booklet is a start of what your need to help with your  (or ssomeone you  know) problems.

Part of the Arthritis Foundation’s Practical Help series, this brochure teaches you the causes of pain plus ways to lessen it as well as how to manage it with medication, exercise, relaxation and other treatments. 

Pain booklet

Click the link above and when you get to the page , after reading the matering you can choose to download or have this mailed to your hoem. If so just click on the Mail Brochuers button.It shoud take about 4-6  weeks to get your booklet in the mail!

Enjoy and then pass it alonf to someone else!


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