Shape Magazine Subscription 2012

by the Ninja

shape magazine Shape Magazine Subscription 2012

Guess what! Rewards Gold is doing it again…. They are giving away one year FREE subscriptions to Shape magazine!

Cool right! Nothing like getting something for FREE when everyone else pays for it huh? You just want to tell them “hey stop I know how to get that for FREE.” – LOL

Now click the link below to get started on your survey for your FREE Shape magazine!

Shape Magazine

This is going to go FAST so hurry and get yours! If you have never done this before let the Ninja tell you all about it.. or rather walk you through it…LOL

First you will fill out your information on the first page and then at the bottom of the page you will be asked to share this will a few friends, any emails will work..(I didn’t say that lol) then you will go to another a page for a few more questions and they will ask you odd questions about things but it will only take you a few minutes and it worth the time for the FREE subscription!

Yes they do come! The Ninja never pays for her magazines….



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