Starbucks K-Paks Sample 2012

by the Ninja

k-paks sample
Starbucks K-Paks Sample 2012

Today would be a GREAT do to snag a cook sample of Starbucks K-paks!

There is a little trick to the whole thing though… when they ask you if you have ever bought K-paks before make sure to say NO. If you answer yes then you will not qualify for the free sample…

This sample comes from Target and it is the second on down on the page….

Starbucks sample

 When you get to the page just click on the get a sample tab under the picture and you are on your way … you will have to answer a few questions to get it but they are easy but remember what I mentioned above…

You should receive you samples in a few weeks and usually Target sends high value coupons with their samples! Lets hope they do with this one too!



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