Sweepstakes – Upromise $150,000 Towards College!

by the Sensei

Upromis sweepstakes for $150,000 towards college

Sweepstakes – Upromise $150,000 Towards College!

Upromise has a great sweepstakes going where you can enter to win $150,000 to go towards college! SWEET

I’m sure we could all use some help paying for college for someone! (expensive…seesh)

Upromise Sweepstakes

They are also giving $500 gift cards to major online retailers like Macy’s, Walmart and Travelocity!

Just head over to the Upromise sweepstakes page (link above) and you can enter. You will have to register for Upromise to enter….but you should sign up any way if you are not…it is a no brainer! It is such an easy way to help save for college for you or your kids, grandkids etc….



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