free poster

pow poster Free 2012 POW/MIA Poster 2012

Great FREE POW/MIA Poster for all of us to GRAB!

This is a great one to have hanging in your home! ALl you have to do is click on the link below and when you get to the page read over the information and then sign up for your new FREE poster!

Free POW/MIA poster

Hurry – there are a limited amount of posters and when they are gone – well they are gone.. so get yours today! These will take about 3-5 weeks to make it to your mail box..




chart Free Torque Specifications Chart 2012

We have a FREE Torqe Chart for all of you guys and gals that even know what this is! The Ninja know a little bit about it but not enough it sit here and go on and on telling you how great it is and what you can do with it… I am not assuming anything on this matter except it is FREE and I know someone out there wants it!

Free Torque Chart

When you click the link and get to the page there is a form to fill out.. that is all you have to do in order to get this AWESOME chart.. I say AWESOME because it is to someone out there – maybe even a kid would like to hand it on a wall and learn about this stuff!

Anyway- you should get your chart in few weeks!

Have fun!



Free Bird Poster 2012

by the Ninja

poster Free Bird Poster 2012

What a great way to enjoy your bird frinds without having to find them in the yard! LOL  The kids will love to have a huge poster like this of a beuatiful bird!

Click the link below to score yours!

Free bird poster

Click the link above and then learn all about your favorties friends… Fill out the form and you should receive your poster in the mail in about 6 weeks!

Enjoy and if you don’t hace anywhere to put it the kids room is always a plus!!

Enjoy – ~~~Ninja


free poster Proud To Be In Control Poster 2012

This is a GREAT freebie for the kids! or excuse me pre-teens/teenagers….

A proud to be in control poster means proud to be drug free! The standard shipping on this one is FREE also. Just click the link below and add the poster to your cart and head to checkout!

Free poster

The form is easy and you should get your poster in a couple of weeks.. The kids like hanging stuff in their rooms now a days right? I remember when we were kids – LOL… stuff everywhere!

Enjoy the freebies!



free poster Table Tennis Rules Poster 2012

Ping Pong or Table Tennis? Does it really matter what it’s called…. Hmmmm well today you can score the kiddos a FREE poster to learn how to play!

Cool right?

Table Tennis poster

Just click the link above and when you get to the page fill in the blanks…The poster should arrive in a few weeks depending on the mail man..

Enjoy! Play with the kids or get a game going with the adults.. The Ninja plays all the time!

Have fun!



tnt free kit Free Kit From TNT Fireworks 2012

Join the TNT Club and they will send you a cool kit full of freebies!

  • TNT Poster
  • TNT Stickers
  • TNT Magnet
  • TNT Tattoos

Free TNT Kit

Plus other goodies ! SO this is a win win kind of thing. The kids will love this and you can enjoy watching them play with stuff you didn’t have to buy! LOL

Just fill out the form and you should get your kit in 3 to 5 weeks. Probably sooner…

Enjoy – Ninja style!