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stickers Free Styx Ryvr Stickers 2012

The NInja found more cool stickers ! These are really different – and are supposed to be the coolest of the cool…LOL

In order to get these you will have to log in using your Facebook account …. East to do just follow the prompts …

Styx Ryvr stickers

You will get 6 free stickers and free shipping when you log in with your Facebook account… all other log ins will be charged for the stickers and shipping!

You should get your stickers  in few week! Enjoy them or pass these along to the kids!

Have fun with these!



free stickers Free Mental Well-Being Sticker Set 2012

These are cool! Time to score some FREE stickers for all my avid sticker collectors or my freebies friends looking for something different to enjot  learning about!

When you get to the page just add them to your cart and check out – that is all there is to it – easy come and easy go!

Free Stickers

If you know someone who would enjoy these – pass them along! Kids love stickers regardless of the kid or shape or fashion… so keep that in mind if you even have any unexpected company over…(just saying)

Anyway you should get your stickers in a few weeks so enjoy !



free sticker Drago Gear Stickers 2012

ALright my freebie peeps! This freebie has a different kind of twist to it! If you wan t a FREE Drago sticker you are going to have to click the link below and then read a little bit about what they want you to do!

Drago Stickers

When you get there all they want you to do is email them and let them know which sticker you want. They do this to make sure you are serious about the FREEBIE and aren’t someone who does not appreciate the product.

So do what you gotta do – I emailed them for the red one – like is on the page here!



free labels Free Personalized Labels from Kahlua 2012

This is really cool… You can head over to the Kahlua website and make your own personalized labels!

Now you can stick these anywhere you like or even use then for gift label if you run out! Now that is a idea…LOL..

FREE Kahlua labels

After you sign up expect an e-mail from these guy’s making sure you really want these make sure to give them the right email.

After you design your labels and all that jazz and type in your information you should receive you new labels in few weeks!

If nothing else you could always start a sticker book! LOL




bumper sticker Free Orinda Bumper Sticker 2012

This must be Bumper sticker week at Freebies Ninja… and I bet all my bumper sticker buddies are loving it too!

We have another FREE bumper sticker for my favorite people!

Free Bumper Sticker

Click the link above and you will be taken away to a far away place and when you land on the page you will find a form to fill out. Fill out the form for your COOL bumper sticker and on the page they tell you all about it!

You should get your package in the mail in a few weeks!

Enjoy and have fun with it or give it to the kids!



free sticker Life’s A Dog Sticker 2012

Well the title says it all huh?

This is a cool freebies for all my bumper sticker and sticker collectors… Even if you don’t collect these it would be great for the kids!

To score this nice little treat click the link below!

Dog’s Life sticker

When you get to the page all you need to do if fill out the form and hit the submit button!

Then wait a few weeks and you will be living the life!