Waffle House

Waffle House coupon Free Hashbrowns at the Waffle House Coupon – 2012

Do you want to bring in the NEW Year at the Waffle House? – LOL just kidding or maybe not  you might – if so or if not we have a GREAT coupon just for you!

FREE Hashbrowns when you dine in.. Ninja approved, the coupon is anyway..

Dine-In only….Have you had your daily limit of carbs today?

Free Waffle coupon

So how do you take yours? Covered, smothered, chunked, sprinkled, wrinkled or plain?


free coffee Free Coffee At the Waffle House – 2011

Oh my! I am wondering if you take a date in with you if you can get the free waffle (coupons from the other night) and the other person can get the coffee (free refills of course) and the two of you can share!


WHOO HOOO! Click the link below for a free cup of coffee at the Waffle House…

Free coffee coupon

Might want to use it tonight, tomorrow or tomorrow night by 11:59p.m…… Yep sad but true the awesome coupon expires on Decemember 2nd…



free waffle Free Waffle At the Waffle House – 2011

Do you remember the days when you were actually HAPPY to see the bright yellow lights about 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. …ummm Nope. I don’t either. LOL

Scattered,smothered,chunked and covered…..omgosh it has been way too long and you know the coffee..oh the coffee…. Well not a bit of that has anything to do with the GREAT coupon I have for you today. Yes I did say coupon. 😉

FREE Waffle coupon –

This is a GREAT printable coupon. You need to print it and take it with you to the Waffle house . I really do not think they would just believe you if you only told them you saw one on the internet.. gotta have proof …LOL This coupon expires on December 16th, 2011. So get your waffle and try the coffee too – have fun!