FREE Movie Rental Codes for Redbox!

by the Sensei

Redbox free rental codes

FREE Movie Rental Codes for Redbox!

Text LUCKY to 727272 before Saturday! If you do you will get a  text message on Saturday with a Redbox code…SWEET.

Don’t forget to check out the list of other free rental codes over at Coupon Dad too!  Ton of Redbox rental codes that you can use to score FREE rentals! He has all the details on the LUCKY promotion too.

So head over and grab a code and get you a FREE rental! Make sure to look over the details real quick… you have to return the movie by 9pm the next night or they will charge you for another day. Also note that you can use each code once per credit card (…I’m betting a few of you may have more than one…hint).

Have fun! Come back and let us know what movie you grabbed….


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