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free lipton k-cup samples

Free Lipton K-cup Samples

Go grab these AWESOME Lipton K-cup samples NOW! Just watch a video and then grab your samples and then dance. That is all. – LOL..

But seriously don’t wait these will not last long. These cool Walmart samples never do! Click the link below and do your thing.

Free Lipton K-cup samples

Ater the form is completed these Lipton K-cups should only take a couple of weeks getting to your mailbox so enjoy the little waiting game you are having to play. Then when you get these samples in hand just … well I think I’ve said enough.. Do what has to be done..LOL

Enjoy Always! Come back and tell us how you liked..

– Ninja


free kotex sample Free Clutch & Sample of U by Kotex 2012

How does a FREE clutch and a sample from U by KOTEX sound ladies?

GREAT! KNow all you have to do to get this is build a board on the WALMART website.. It is simple. SO don’t freak out or anything… Click the link below to get started!

Free Clutch

When you get there here is what you do…Click “Build your board”, create your background by dragging things over, then click “Finish & pin board”, then click on the sample link….. Not hard at all.

You should get your FREE sample in the mail in a few weeks!



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milkbone sample Free Milk Bone Sample from Walmart 2012

Today you can score a FREE sample of Milk Bone Trail Mix sample. Do the happy dance!

We love our pets and I can bet they love to get mail too – LOL

Milk Bone sample

This is a COOL sample from Walmart so grab it while you can… these never last very long.

Click the button that looks like a bone and then fill out the form.. Your sample should be in the mail box in a few weeks!




 BB cream sample Garnier BB Face Cream Sample 2012

Time to score another sample of Garnier BB Face cream!!

Walmart is handing these samples out and I think you need to be first in line… well ok, first to click the link below to get yours anyway!

BB cream sample

Hurry and get your sample before they run out – because you know a bout a million people and their momma’s will be after this one.. Including me so get yours now!

Be fast – like a Ninja!


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depends sample Depend Sample & Coupon from Walmart 2012

Today we have the NEW Depend sample for men or women coming from Walmart!

You can get a sample and a printable coupon (bricks printable so you can print it twice)

You will see a small box about half way down on the right in the middle that says ” The Great American Try On.”..You will have to answer NO to get the sample and then come back and click the link again and answer YES to get the coupon.

Depends free sample

The form is simple and you should receive your sample in just a few weeks. If you don’t use this but know someone who can – get this for them!




Poise samples Free 3 Pack Samples of Poise Pads from Walmart 2012

Alright – Walmart is AWESOME when it comes to FREEBIES!!

Today you can score a 3 pack sample of Poise pads!

Poise samples

Ok, you know the deal, click the link above and then fill in your information. Then hit the submit button and you should receive your sample in the mail within a few weeks. They say 6 – 8 weeks but I wouldn’t think it should not take so long unless you gave them the wrong address…

If you don’t use these but know someone who can well – donate!!! Share the love… or rather the Poise…

Enjoy – like a Ninja!