Walmart Freebies

Meow mix samples Free Meow Mix Toppers from WalMart 2012

Here we go again!  Walmart just LOVES to give these away and I love to let you guys and gals know all about it!

Click the link below and score your FREE sample of Meow Mix Toppers!

Free Meow Mix

Click the link above and you will see a picture of meow mix and click where it say get a free sample. Then fill in the form. If you don’t have a cat order a sample for your neighbor or friend. You can always donate!

Have fun and remember they usually sen a coupon too! – I said usually don’t be mad at me if they don’t…~LOL~



wrinkle reducer sample Free Garnier Ultra Lift Wrinkle Reducer Sample at Walmart 2012

NOPE this is NOT a REPEAT!

Click the link below and get you will go to WALMART this time! .. There you will find a sample of Ultra Lift 2 in 1 Wrinkle Reducer..

Click on the Button that says GET  A FREE SAMPLE!!

Garnier sample

Better hurry on this one also, these never last very long! I just love it when stores compeat – it just means more FREEBIES for you and me!

Have fun with this!

Ninja style…


sani hands sample Free Sample of Sani-Hands 2012

Great time for a FREE sample of Sani-Hands! This is a Wal-Mart sponsored sample so you will get it pretty quick!

Just click the on the link below and the Ninja has a special link that will take you to the place you need to be to get this cool sample!

Sani-Hands free sample

You also have the chance to get a cool coupon too! The NInja says get both and use them wisely!

You will enjoy this sample! These are pretty cool….’

Ninja approved!


Free Robitussin Free Robitussin 2 Go Packs with Coupon at Walmart 2012

Here is a REALLY cool deal!

There is a $1.00 off coupon link below you can use on any Robitussin product and Walmart carries these 2 pack Robitussin to GO Packs that cost $1.00~~!!

Robitussin coupon

This coupon can be printed two times and the expiration date is about 30 days after you print it so you have some time if you need it.

Now about the Robitussin 2 Go Packs, these are found around the checkout lanes … they are the two packs and I have heard that some stores do not carry them but most do. So print your coupons and get your FREE stuff!

AWESOME deal – don’t let it pass you by!


purex samples Free Purex Ultra Packs Samples 2012

Alright everyone – the Ninja won’t say much about this except HURRY and get your sample because these will run out FAST!

This sample is a Purex Ultra Pack and hey one little pack is supposed to wash a whole load of laundry.. I am ready to see that..

Free Purex samples

So click the link above than then when you get to the page click on the banner that says get a free sample. Then fill in the blanks!

Enjoy and usually these come with a coupon too!

Ninja approved!


free snack samples Free Beneful Baked Dog Snacks Samples 2012

OK, better hurry for this one.

Ninja found a FREE Beneful Dog Snack sample sponsored by WalMart and you know those go super fast.

Click the link below to get yours

Beneful Dog Snack samples

When you get to the page just click on get samples and another page will open. Then fill in the blanks.

Grab this one quick – never know when it will run out!

Ninja approved!